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NO, we don’t do those!

Discounts and rebates became ineffective and even harmful methodology some time ago. Amazon doesn’t like them, we don’t either.We NEVER do discounted purchases or rebates. We only do FULL PRICE, high value purchases. So you don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars in discount costs and are not endangered by the Amazon algorithm.

Our system has a limit of 5 keywords.

We take several measures to make sure your product is safe and secure with us.

Firstly, all our reviewers are going through a vetting process. We make sure these are not facebook group type reviewers.

Secondly, we ease into your blast, we don’t start suddenly with 20 units blast, which would spike the algorithm.

In the end, our method is about regular Amazon US customers buying your product among other things, full price. We don’t incentivize or force reviews. It’s all a normal process.

We’ve never had a client product suspended in our whole history. But always bear in mind that anything that is done outside of Amazon is theoretically against their TOS, just as 95% of product pictures and titles are.

We’re not a review service.

In accordance with Amazon’s TOS we can’t ask or incentivize for reviews. But our club of regular Amazon CA shoppers, that will be purchasing your product, will test it and if they love it, they do tend to leave reviews.

Our clients on average get a 56% blasted units/5-star reviews ratio. Which means for a 100 units blast, 56 reviews is the number of highest-quality reviews they get.

Yes, you can cancel anytime and we’ll refund you the money, besides the product purchases that have been already made.

As our club is purchasing your product daily, we don’t offer refunds. We’re quite sure though you’ll love our service and will stay with us long term. 87% of our first time clients RETURN to us for more .

We’re offering a UNIQUE service.

Not only that you’ll rank for your keyword to Top Page 1, which will result in daily organic sales, but also you’ll get high quality, verified reviews, which will greatly increase your conversions, ACOS, credibility. All making you a leader in your niche.

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon long term and you want to make it your business, double or TRIPLE your daily profits, we’re offering you the fastest, smartest and safest solution to get there.